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Beautiful, but purposeful.
At MacKay & Co. an event is more than just a pretty space.

From glittering cocktail parties to innovative product launches to yes, Breakfast at Tiffany, we love producing media and influencer events for our clients, and as our client testimonials will tell you, we’re known for them. Unlike some agencies however, for us, events aren’t the “default” PR activity. Always pragmatic and mindful of your budget, we want to be absolutely certain an event will enhance your image, help deliver your message and generate a lion’s share of media coverage before you commit your dollars. Take a look at some of the events we’ve created for our clients. We’d love to walk you through our event strategies and creative concepts and tell you just how our clients have benefited.
2 Girls
Christmas Centerpiece
3 girls
People Table
Tiffany 2 Girls
Men Ties
Tiffany Room
Hermes Table
Shoes Girls
Cougar Boots Truck
Girls Sitting
Woman Interview
Baby Mom
People Room
Women Talking
Woman Drinking
Roses Plates
Hermes Outside
Kiehls Talking
Hermes Window
Group Talking
Skin Flowers
Green Truck
Orange Stairs
2 Girls 2
Baby Mom 2
Watch Hand
Blue Flowers
Tiffany Ribbon
Table Lights
Camera Interview
3 Women Standing
Talking Room
People Standing
Tiffany Outside
Group People
Hermes Food
People Talking Inside
Menu Flowers
Woman Hair
Necklace Flowers
3 Women Standing Inside
Charles Wall
Flowers Menu Plates
People Listening
Tiffany Cookies
Store Clothes Display
Flower Centerpiece
Women Purses
Tiffany Standing Outside
Bottles Display
People Talking By Bottles
Women Standing
Tiffany Treats
Long Table
Bench Inside
Hermes Building
Tiffany Inside
Table Two
3 Women Standing Inside 2
Cougar Outside
Tiffany 3 Girls
Food Plates
Camera Interview
2 Tables
3 Stilts
Man and Woman
Long Table With Flowers
Woman Jewellery